Slideshow fforever

Watch the slideshow by clicking the appropriate link, indicating your default browser. It is recommended to view the show FULL SREEN in order not to be distracted by visible attributes of your browser, like scrollbars, menus, buttons, etc.: press key F11. For the same reason it is very disruptive if the mouse-pointer [cursor] remains visible, which is the case in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and below. In this case I suggest that you move the cursor to one of the edges of your screen. In case the statusbar at the bottom of your screen remains visible too: in IE menubar go to View/toolbars and unmark Status bar. When you quit the show you can mark the status bar again.

   It is also recommended to maintain a certain distance to your screen. Please, do not sit in front of your desktop or laptop, like in an office-style working attitude. Of course, all this depends on the size of your screen. [as an ideal case we suggest a medium [tv] 22"—32" screen]. In general, I would say, the show is conceived of as becoming temporally part of your [global] environment, like a painting on the wall is in your local. But unlike a [static] painting this show runs continuously 'out of control'. The lack of controls –normally included in online slideshows– is therefore not a shortcoming but the very quintessence of the show I designed. Incidentally this implies that you don't have to accept cookies, the show is user friendly so to speak (!: not gathering information about you). In FULLSCREEN mode you can toggle the space key to pause the show and stay with one image alone, or toggle Space again to continue. Finally you can shut down the show by closing the browser window (tab) and pressing F11 again to leave the fullscreen mode. Occasionally it happens that your browser pops up asking for your permission to run 'javascript' [i.e. my script]: click "yes/ok/enable". Enjoy the show as driven by its graphic engine only: introducing 'en-passant' the strict graphical wwweb!

Start the slideshow here on your windows computer
    [browsers: e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE, etc.]

  Start the slideshow here only iff Safari is your default browser (on Apple/Mac)
Once the slideshow starts in a new window press Enter for a Fullscreen view. Press Enter again or Esc to exit Fullscreen after the show.

note: In case your browser does not support html5 [no sound] you can download the audio file here: download audiotrack mp3, but feel free to play your favourite music [offline].
When you click the download link in Internet Explorer your default mplayer starts playing the music on a blank page without downloading the file. So, in order to hear the music during the show start the music first and click on the download link. Then switch back to the current page and start the slideshow, i.e. click on the upper link "Slideshow/Internet Explorer", which will open a new window as the music continues.

   * Please mail your comments, questions or suggestions to: Wim Schlebaum