Uit het werk van Baruch d'Espinoza 1632-1677
The Netherlands 1973
director Frans van de Staak
production Frans van de Staak
scenario Frans van de Staak
cast Annette Apon, Hans Beyer, Karel Dibbets, Billy van Dijk, Carel Donck, etc.
camera Rob Lemaire, Dirk Teenstra
editor Ton de Graaff
sound Boy van Hattum
length 32'

From the work of Baruch d'Espinoza 1632-1677 (IFFR 1978)

From Spinoza's Ethica 82 sentences (propositions)were selected without a strict coherence and re-assembled in seven components. Each component was filmed four times at least, in a different setting with different actors. Spinoza's sentences are taken as dialogues 'tout court', and not as a collection of opinions. Spinoza's style of (philosophical) thinking is presented as an activity in the first place, which is then revealed by each individual actor in his own way.