Er gaat een eindeloze stoet mensen door mij heen
The Netherlands 1981
director Frans van de Staak
production Rolf Orthel
scenario Lidy van Marissing, Frans de Staak
cast Mar Kagie, Henk Bos, Gi Sonnen, Elze Heijman, Heleen Stapel, Tjitte de Vries, Joke Metman, etc.
camera Jaap de Jonge, Herman Meerman
editor Heddy Honingmann, Frans van de Staak
sound Bert Koops
music Bernard Hunnekink
length 86'

People Passing Through Me In An Endless Procession (IFFR 1981)

The film consists of 25 scenes. Each scene is performed by eight actors [out of a group of nine]; the ninth actor continually changing places with another actor who appears in only one or two scenes. The music plays a role like an actor: as soon as the music speaks the actors are silent.
The writing of the scenario and making of the film were mainly a question of searching for a 'theme', and the film itself is also concerned with 'what it's about'. This 'unstated' aspect is approached from all its related facets. Scenes were made on the themes of anger, love of pleasure, refusal, disintegration, fear. Both the images, and the texts rise above the everyday level and are no longer narrative.