De onvoltooide tulp
The Netherlands 1980
director Frans van de Staak
production Frans van de Staak
scenario Frans van de Staak
cast Benny Leverink, Willy Knuif, Peter Flamman, Janet Witte, Herman Meerman
camera Herman Meerman, Willem van der Linde, Jaap de Jonge
editor Heddy Honigmann, Frans van de Staak
sound Harre van der Maat
music Bernard Hunnekink
length 77'

The imperfect tulip (IFFR 1980)

This film is Frans van de Staak's first full feature, for which he wrote 28 scenes and worked with a cast of 29 actors and 29 actresses. Each scene is performed by a couple (male and female); some scenes are repeated by different actors. Once again he financed this production from his own savings.