Het vertraagde vertrek
The Netherlands 1983
director Frans van de Staak
production Rens Oomens
scenario Jacq Firmin Vogelaar, Frans van de Staak
cast Yves van Kempen, Henk Bos, René van het Hof, Allan Seip, Anthony Mertens, Heddy Honigmann, Michèle Audureau, Rosi Wiegmann, Anke van het Hof, Joke Metman, Cox Habbema
camera Mat van Hensbergen
editor Jan Dop
sound Peter Flamman
mixage Piotr van Dijk
length 105'

The delayed departure (IFFR 1984)

For this film Jacq Vogelaar and Frans van de Staak cooperated as antagonists, but they did so from different perspectives: as a writer and as filmmaker. For Vogelaar his primary preoccupation with language as a novelist is anger, and rebuilding its expression as an individual fixation of the embodied space, whereas for Van de Staak as a filmmaker language is embedded in the activity of making film, which goes beyond any linguistic fixation... "The actor's unintended gestures, manner of moving or change of bodily position, is as important as the text he speaks -all that has to be on the same level of significance, and by doing so it becomes meaningless, because only then it dissolves."