The Netherlands 1986
director Frans van de Staak
production Van de Staak Film Productions
distribution Film International Rotterdam
scenario Frans van de Staak, Gerrit Kouwenaar
cast Isabelle Guillaume, Gerrart Klieverik
camera Mat van Hensbergen
editor Jan Dop
sound Pjotr van Dijk
music Bernard Hunnekink
length 71'

Windshade (IFFR 1986)

The film is Constructed around two poems by Gerrit Kouwenaar, who reads his own verse off-screen.

This avant-garde film is a curious melding of poetry and visual narration. Director Frans van de Staak coordinates the reading of two poems by Gerrit Kouwenaar, a well-known Dutch poet, with visual sequences of a couple going off on vacation. The vacation idyll is interspersed with nature shots and minimal, barely-present dialogue. Soon the couple is packing up and heading back to their daily routine -accompanied by poetry that reinforces the image of unsatisfactory lives, adrift and floating with the current, no destination in sight. [Eleanor Mannikka]